Swim in the Present Moment

Mindful Swimming

Mind Body Water Unity

Develop a deeper connection between you and the water:

  • Achieve perfect balance in the water

  • No more batttling against the water to swim

  • No more fear of the deep

  • Stop your legs sinking

  • No more struggling to breathe

  • Use the water to help and support you

Once you have Mind Body Water Unity you will be at one with the water!

Whole Body Movement Awareness

Develop a greater awareness of your swimming:

  • Discover the real source of your swimming power

  • Identify your unhelpful swimming habits

  • Learn how to move in new ways

  • Solve all your swimming problems

  • Maximise your momentum

  • Whole body swimming from finger tips to toes

  • Swim gracefully

Once you are in-tune with your movement in the water, you will swim further and faster than ever before.

Live Every Stroke

Change the way you think as you swim:

  • Include the present moment as you swim

  • Add a 'pause' to your swimming

  • Prioritise the experience not the end goals

  • Take away the burden of 'getting things right'

  • Turn off your swimming auto-pilot

  • Put an end to any sense of rushing or panic

Once you have more control of your thinking you will enjoy every stroke.

Develop Your Own Style

My Intuitive Swimming Method is all about empowering you and your learning in the water.

  • No more self-judgement, comparison and self-criticism

  • Put an end to your frustration & embarrassment in the water

  • No more depending on others to fix your problems

  • No longer strive for 'perfect' technique

  • Stop trying to swim like someone else

  • Finally be proud of your swimming…

Take ownership of your swimming so that you can develop your own, unique swimming style

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