Key Themes

The Intuitive Swimming Method

Solve All Your Swimming Problems

Become the answer to all your swimming questions through observation and investigation and guided experimentation. You change your technique based on your discoveries and my help, to resolve your swimming issues and develop your own unique swimming style

Experimentation is Key

By making every swim an experiment, you will start to think about your swimming in a whole new way.

Through observation and reflection and investigation, you'll start learning about what’s going wrong with your swimming…you may have some unhelpful swimming habits... (I won’t call them bad habits)...

You’ve been practicing and practicing for so long that any unhelpful habits, with arm rotation, head movement, breathing and kicks are, by now, deeply ingrained. These habits need to be changed…

Once you identify a problem or habit, you can use exercises and ideas to show you what works well and what doesn’t work. Then you'll begin to figure out how to fix the problems and be able to make new choices and create new habits to change your swimming.

In time, your understanding will increase, your technique will evolve and your swimming goals will be achieved without even having to focus on them.

You will start to think about your swimming in a whole new way, investigating and learning about what’s going wrong, start figuring out how to fix it and make new choices to solve all your swimming problems and in turn, transform your swimming.

Faulty Sensory Swimming Perception

You’re desperate to get to the bottom of that one underlying flaw in your swimming that’s holding you back. Every time you find a new fix, you think, this is it...this will be the one secret that will unlock your hidden, swimming potential. Well, if that sounds like you, maybe the secret isn’t actually a fix for your technique but the reason why you’ve always been struggling with your swimming…

Faulty Sensory Swimming Perception: You think you’re doing one thing in the water, whereas in fact, you’re doing something quite different. And what seems right to you may actually be wrong for your swimming.

This is the reason why you've always struggled to improve your own swimming. And fixing your Faulty Sensory Swimming Perception is the key to unlocking your untapped swimming potential.

Challenge Your Limiting Swimming Beliefs

We all have our beliefs that shape how we live our lives. Have you ever considered what swimming beliefs you may have? How might they shape our swimming?

With my help, you’ll challenge your existing beliefs, learn new ideas and create new, effective beliefs that will transform your swimming

But what if I told you that we all have swimming beliefs that shape our swimming? And it's our limiting swimming beliefs that are holding us back in the pool.

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