Alexander Technique

The Intuitive Swimming Method

What Is It?

For me, the Alexander Technique is a set of principles that can be used to change your thinking in any activity or task or situation. 

The Alexander Technique is traditionally known as 'body work'. It is usually taught in person using touch to realign and adjust the client's body and give them an experience of lightness and effortless movement.

However, I studied Alexander Technique at the Southbank Alexander Technique Centre run by Peter Nobes because his approach is unique. He teaches the Alexander Technique as consciousness work, not body work. He brings about change to a student's thinking, movement and state of mind by teaching them to expand their awareness. Within this new state of expanded awareness comes the opportunity to make new choices and decisions. 

I've developed my own approach to the Alexander Technique by combining elements of Peter's work and the traditional view of the technique. 

Why Is It Important?

In my Intuitive Swimming Method course, I apply key principles of the Alexander Technique to bring about a powerful change in your thinking as you swim. This, in turn, leads to a change in the way you swim.

These are the key principles that I use:

  • Conscious Control

  • Inhibition

  • Unified Field of Attention

  • Expanded Awareness

They helped me to transform my own swimming and that's why they are at the heart of this course.

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