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December 03, 20231 min read

Concepts that facilitate change:

As I’ve developed my Intuitive Swimming Method, I’ve created a set of concepts to help swimmers change their approach to swimming:

I love a catchy title, my course is filled with them! They’re there for a reason. I feel like my approach covers a lot of ground, so these concepts are a way get to the point, be specific and tackle the limiting beliefs that a lot of swimmers have told me about.

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Swim Your Way

  • I believe that swimming comparison, envy and self-judgement ends when you no longer aspire to swim or be like someone else.

  • I believe that you can become proud of your swimming by developing your own swimming style.

Swimming Freedom

  • I believe that you can become more empowered in the water, and develop the confidence to bend or break all those swimming rules to allow you to swim in a way that works for you.

‘SwimHappy’ (not a typo!)

  • I believe that you can SwimHappy - by prioritising the feedback from your senses as you swim.

  • I believe that swimming gracefully allows for efficiency and speed and most importantly, enjoyment.

Swimming in the Present Moment

  • I believe that when you learn to Swim in the Present moment allows you to make a change, any change to your swimming

  • I believe that you can become aware of your inner monologue as you swim and instead prioritise your awareness and attention to bring you into the present moment

Tone Awareness

  • I believe that muscle tension isn't the only way to get more swimming power. I believe that with Tone Awareness, an awareness of how much tension you need when you swim helps you swim faster and further without fatigue

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