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December 04, 20231 min read

My Modules:

Sections in my Online Course

I have an affordable, fully self-paced course, with my unique, Alexander Technique influenced, approach to learning or improving the way you swim.

As I’ve developed the Intuitive Swimming Method online course, I’ve grouped a lot of my writing under three headings.

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Mind Body Water Unity

I believe that a deep connection to the water allows you to use the water to support so that you can feel at ease in the water, enjoy the water and optimise your swimming performance

I believe that you can swim further by being at one with the water

I believe that you can swim faster by being at one with the water

Whole Body Movement Awareness

I believe that an awareness of your body and your movement allows you to discover the real source of your swimming power so that you slice through the water with your wholly integrated self, from fingertips to toes

I believe that swimming power comes from swimming with a whole body connection from fingertips to toes

I believe that you can add the potential of momentum to add power to your swimming

Live Every Stroke

I believe that your existing swimming beliefs are negatively affecting your swimming and limiting your potential for change

I believe that the principles of the Alexander Technique can bring about a change in your thinking and your swimming

As the course evolves, I've since added SwimHappy, Challenge Your Limiting Swimming Beliefs, Intuitive Golfing as well as articles on Intuitive Running and Cycling.

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